Felony drug charges require a strong defense

It is not uncommon for a police investigation during a traffic stop or into charges totally unrelated to drugs to result in drug charges. This appears to have been what happened recently in Rockland County when police investigating car theft allegations stumbled upon a drug manufacturing or drug trafficking operation.

Police standing outside of a house saw two men inside carrying what appeared to be bags of marijuana. The men were placed under arrest when they tried to run away from police. A search warrant was obtained for a search and seizure of the home. The result was the seizure of a large quantity of drugs that led to drug possession charges.

Felony drug charges may result in long prison sentences and other serious consequences after a conviction. A felony record could prevent a person from getting a job, obtaining housing and being eligible for certain types of professional licenses. A drug distribution or drug possession conviction can also be the basis for increased penalties and charges if the individual is arrested and charged with committing another drug charge in the future.

There are alternatives to the long prison sentences, heavy fines and probation supervision associated with drug offenses. An eligible individual might be a candidate for a drug diversion program depending upon the circumstances surrounding the case.

A New York criminal defense attorney might be a good source of legal advice and guidance for a person charged with drug offenses. Depending on the strength of the defense the individual might have to the drug charges, an attorney could determine the best strategy to employ to challenge the prosecution evidence.

Source: Lohud, “Cops: 15 pounds of pot seized in Stony Point drug bust,” Alex Taylor, Dec. 6, 2015