Speeding Tickets and Supporting Depositions

Speeding Tickets are in-sufficient when a supporting deposition is requested and none is provided or when the police officer writes one by his or her own choice. Each type of ticket requires different information permanent to the traffic violation alleged. However the supporting deposition must contain accurate and sufficient information.

This speeding ticket’s supporting deposition has a number of errors, can you spot them?


Notice the date affirmed and the date of violation:) Next see how fast the ticket is for and the PACE speed. While the visual estimate of speed backs up the ticket’s speed, the PACE speed does not help this officer’s case. I wonder how many Speeding Tickets this officer has given out?

A 11 to 30 mph speeding ticket over the limit is punishable of a fine of up to a $300 fine, plus a Court Surcharge of $93 and 4 points. Having a attorney representing can reveal defects in your ticket which can make the ticket dismiss able.