12 Years for Illegal Gun Possession Charge for Shomrim Shooter

A Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge threw the book at David Flores today with a 12 Years Sentence on the Illegal Gun Possession Charge for the man who shot at four volunteers from Shomrim, as the maximum allowable sentence for illegal gun possession in Brooklyn New York is 15 years.

Flores was acquitted in November on charges of attempted murder and assault for shooting the four Shomrim members in 2010, but was found guilty on the Illegal Gun Possession Charge. Judge Dineen Riviezzo came down hard on Flores because he violated the terms of his ten year probation within the first year. Judge Riviezzo also expressed doubt that this was the first time Flores had taken his gun out in public, as the defendant had claimed.

Flores, who asked for leniency, saying he has been labeled in prison as a pedophile and was concerned about the possibility of being beaten by other inmates, told the judge that justice had not been served and that he plan to appeal his sentence to the federal courts. David’s defense attorneys also claimed that he started shooting in self defense, because members of a local patrol were pursuing him instead of officers of the NYPD, and he was scared for his life.

David Flores 35 was identified by Shomrim units on Sept. 4, 2011, as acting indecently in front of young children, pulled a gun as they closed in on him and shot several bullets. Avrohom Kaztow, Motty Pearl, Motty Brauner and Yoily Klein were injured.