Facial recognition software combats fake IDs

Recent improvements to the New York Department of Motor Vehicle facial recognition software will make it even more difficult to obtain a fake ID. According to the New York Post, the DMV has been using this type of software since 2010. While the old software was capable of matching 64 points on a person’s face, with the upgrade that amount will double to 128. Even if a person has had plastic surgery, it would be very difficult to outsmart the software.

1,200 people were busted trying to get a fake driver’s license in 2015 thanks to facial recognition software. Since use of the software was implemented, 10,500 people have had their licenses taken away or were find for fraud, and 3,600 people were caught with duplicate licenses.

Use of this type of technology is becoming more widespread. Indeed, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol uses facial recognition technology to nab people using passports that don’t belong to them. In the future, its use could become even more prevalent, including being used to identify suspects from surveillance videos.

In addition, as of last year, New York and New Jersey have partnered up to crack down on license fraud. CBS New York reports that the states are now cross-checking their databases for people who may have licenses in both states. When a person has their license suspended in one state, they often apply for a new one in a neighboring state. By sharing access to each other’s facial recognition technologies, New York and New Jersey can cut down on this illegal practice.